Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's been a great long while!

Everytime I see kris, or talk to her on the phone, she ALWAYS without fail, asks me why I haven't been updating my blog! I guess I should, especially now that Eamonn is almost here... I want to remember every moment of this time in my life.

Our little man, Mason Eamonn Stanford, is due on September 24th. Let's hope and pray that he comes on time. After all of the horror stories that Mason's mom has told me about her ginormously huge baby (My husband), I have been freaked out to have Eamonn,! On the contrary, at the last few doctors appointments, I've been told that Eamonn is actually on the small side. When I first heard this, I flipped! I was afraid of maybe a midget baby, or some terrible defect that I had caused from drinking Dr. Pepper. My parents laughed at me saying I was crazy. Apparently that happens to all mothers-to-be. Lol. Even if baby Eamonn does happen to have any kind of malformality, or anything, he will be perfect to me. Especially because in all of the blessings Mason has given me, The Lord has assured me that this baby will be just as The Lord wants him. I know he is a very special baby. I know he has a great future and purpose in The Lord's plan during the last days. I've known that since before he was even conceived.

I have such mixed feelings about being a mom.... I'm excited to see my angel, and to be with him outside of my stomach, yet, I like him just where he is... I know where he is at all times, no screaming, feeding, crying, or diaper changing... sigh. This is all so new, and such an adventure.

Everyone keeps asking if we have his nursery ready yet, but that really is the LAST thing from my mind right now. My Grandma Harr, is suffering insurmountably as she is fighting against liver, stomach, and brain cancer. It really has been such a stress on our family and such a burden to know that she won't be around much longer, yet I have never seen our family come together and work as one before. There truly is opposition in all things. The dr.s say Grams probably only has days or weeks left, and she is such a trooper. I know how hard it must be to be completely independent, to utterly dependent on those around you, unable to walk, talk, drink, sit up, or use the restroom by yourself. It's really taken a toll on Grandpa too. I know that he is suffering almost as much, if not more, than Grandma. It's so hard on him to think that his lover, companion, and best friend of 50+ years is leaving him. What a blessing it is however, to have a sure knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Yes, it is indeed sorrowful to think that we won't see Grandma in a long, long time, but what joy it brings to my heart to know that this is NOT the last of her. She will be free of all the pains of mortal life, and will be reunited with her loved ones and most importantly, her Savior.

I am really grateful for all that is going on at this time. It really gives me less time to think about myself, and what a nuisance it is to constantly use the restroom and be lumpy and lopsided. When I focus on others, I really realize just how much I have, and I really come to know my Savior so much better.

We have moved out of our tiny little apartment in Orem (600 sq. feet) to our beautiful home in Provo! The Lord really had his hand in helping us get this place. We would've never been able to buy this, without the help of my dad, and for various programs that are in place to try and boost the economy. Provo city paid $20,000 on our downpayment, and a couple weeks ago we had 8000$ put into our bank account, courtesy of the US government... :) It's been such a blessing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another day... another smile :)

So, today has been a typical day. Mace and I rolled out of bed at 6:30... usually it's mace that rolls out last and me with a frying pan and a wooden spoon trying to get him up, but since Mace Face slept until noon yesterday, he was up and really quite happy. May I please just say I love being able to wake up to my best friend every day? We cuddle all night long, and sometimes we wake up in cuddle positions we didn't even know to be possible! lol. But Mace woke me up kissing my face softly, and telling me how much he loves me. I don't know if he had a nightmare that I died or if it's just cause he got so much sleep sunday... but  nonetheless It was darling. 
My cell phone of course is lost again. and of course it is dead. and of course I cannot find the freaking thing ANYWHERE! This was quite a problem this morning because I had a doctors appointment and I couldn't remember the time... and I wanted Mace to come with and he had work so it was crucial that I knew the appt. time... but of course I didn't find it. ANYWHERE. grrrr. But Mace Face was going to be late for work so we rushed there. He had of course forgotten to get work off for my doctors appointment and had to run in and ask if he could get an hour off. lol. what a space cadet. We pretty much belong together. With me and my cellphone losing skills and him and his forgetingness... lol. Long story short, we RUSH to the doctors, only the find out.... The appointment is on Friday. hahahahah I laughed and was like... ummm... atleast I got the time right.... right? lol Mace honestly is the most patient person on the face of this earth. Especically with his wifey. He smiled and was like... fine. so we ate breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. such delicious cuisine, let me tell you about it. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures at the temple :)

Coming through the doors as husband and wife... It was all SOO surreal. It was almost as if I was watching all of this happen... not actually being there. Best BESTBEST day of my life.
Hahahah This is a typical picture of me. My mouth wide open, laughing at something... Even though it's not the most attractive picture, I just thought I'd show something with my personality.
Mace. He is SOOOO handsome. When carla saw these pictures she was like... "Who does he think he is? Joseph SMith?" hahaha because he looks all .... high and mighty... and hot... lol
I love this picture! Look at preston. he really is interested in something else! And look at Jordan in the back. hahaha When I noticed that, I was laughing sooo hard!
Mom and Son .

Me, Kris, and Christian! :)
Me and my favorite sister in the whole entire world! :)
hahahah either mom didn't know they were taking the picture, or the sun was in her eyes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So... Kristin and Jared have a blog.. I want one too!

Things have been going well for the newest Stanford family :) Mason and I got married on August 2nd 2008 in the Salt Lake City Temple. We now live in Orem, UT while Mason works full time as tech support and goes to school at UVU. I am getting my CNA and working part time helping out my friend Ferrah! (A beautiful, fiesty woman with cerebral Palsy...) Being married is the best thing ever. You constantly get to be with your best friend, morning and night... AND... there are some other perks behind closed doors that aren't too shabby either. ;) hahaha. One of the greatest things about being married, is being able to go to the temple. I never understood what all of the general authorities were talking about when they said that the temple is where you go to escape the world, and to recieve new insights. I'd always just been able to do baptisms for the dead, bu now I'm able to go past the front desk. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever cause I totally feel V.I.P. lol I'm V.I.P. for the R.I.P! Wahoo! Mace and I try to go every Saturday, but due to super crazy life stuff... that's not always possible. The newest addition to our family are two crazy kittens... Dez (Desiree) and Satch (Joe Sattrianni) they are pretty fun... especially now that I invested two dollars in two spray bottles so that when they climb up on my frickin' table and counter, or go into the bedroom and hide under the bed... ZAP! I can splash them with water. Mwahahahah. It's pretty much like having as much power with a piece of chocolate cake and a fat kid. :) I love power. Mwahahahhahahaha!
The other night after I picked mace up from work we decided to go to good ol' Wolly's world. Mace Gave in and let me buy "Baby Mamma". Pretty sure we stayed up till 3:00 watching it and eating recess pieces. hahaha pretty much the BEST movie ever invented. We had to sit on the cats' litter box cause we were peeing our pants so much. Anywho... it's fun being married. You have a lot of freedom! Alot of people think that you are "tied down" but it's not that at all! It's being tied to your best friend, and having constant new adventures. I love it. By the way.. I'm not saying at all that we don't have our arguments (when I say that, I mean, me being a baby and Mason being patient and trying to work through things with me... :)... ) and that money isn't tight.. but it really is so awesome. I can't believe I get to be with Mason for eternity!